Do you feel stuck? Unsure of your path? Lost who you are? Not sure what to do next with your life?


One session with me will kickstart you to your full potential.
But why stop there?
I offer a healing packages for rapid transformation.These can be in person or through a video/phone call so it doesn’t matter where you are.
Learn to love and accept your shadow side.  Release subconscious limiting beliefs, trauma, rejection and more!
Become your own biggest fan.
Hi. My name is Deanne Moulden.
My passion is to guide people back to their true selves so that they can be all they are destined to be.
My own life was filled with trauma. I became independent very young. Left school early. Left home early. Eventually I started on a journey back to wellness using many different avenues and modalities.
Now, I am a certified Theta Healer with many strings in my bow.  I incorporate my intuitive abilities in my sessions so you get more for your time.
With me, you get a very down-to-earth, easy-going support person who would love nothing more than to help and guide you.

Are you ready?

Simply enquire here