Getting started

open-houseSo, you’ve decided to live your life to its fullest! There are so many obstructions in our lives but these have little impact if you are at your most healthy, physical state and can balance your moods when you need too.

Its easy to start a diet, or an exercise regime, or good habits, isn’t it, but keeping them going is a challenge. Well,  when you have someone to guide you or an entire community to answer your questions and support you, isn’t it easier!?! Here you will receive all of that in 3 easy steps:

  1. A wellness consult. Here we discuss your wants and needs. This can be for yourself, your partner, children, anyone. ( I run classes for your friends and family if you’d prefer.) Wellness consults can be over the telephone; online or in person dependent on your preference and location.
  2. A wholesale account. Have your own online store to purchase what you want when you want, all at 25% off, obligation free AND have it delivered to your door! I will continue to teach and support you free of charge. There is also a Rewards program to receive free products if you choose to participate.
  3.  (Optional) Join our Facebook community. Here you will have the support and knowledge of thousands of other people on similar journeys to you. They share stories, ask each other questions and you can learn a wealth of information.

All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home! It just doesn’t get any easier! Are you ready? Let’s go! Simply  Contact me at or text me on 0424 122 311 It doesn’t matter where you are!

❤ Deanne

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