My journey so far….


About 2012 is the year it really started for me… journey of self-discovery. We are all on it from the day we are born of course, trying to figure out who we are, what we like, what we want to be. But I am talking about my journey re-connecting with my soul. Discovering why things are happening to me and learning that I can control that, or at least how I respond to it.

Most of my life my friends have been male. That combined with my existence being filled with traumatic events made me tough. My father once said to me that I had been through more in my thirty years than most people do in their lifetimes – and then I experienced more. In 2011, my long-term relationship ended in a terrible event. I found myself single, with a son old enough to look after himself and wondered what was next?????

climbAround that time I was challenged by Greenpeace to raise over $8,000 to help prevent illegal logging; travel to Borneo (with others around Australia who had done the same); climb a mountain and stay in the jungle. This was to see for ourselves what impact deforestation was having on the 30 million year old forest. To my and my son’s surprise I accepted the challenge.

I met some incredible people that inspired me! My eyes were wide open to the possibilities that I could achieve if I really put my mind to it. If something got me down I would tell myself – Hey! You climbed a mountain! You raised over $8,000 for something that you believe in. You can do anything!

I still suffered from depression.

Continuing to fundraise, I raised over $5000 for Kids Helpline and jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane for Beyond Blue. I organised a picnic rally for a thousand people and protested to raise awareness of an environmental disaster in my hometown. Repeatedly, I joined protests against the shark cull! There is a lot to be said for the joy that comes in helping others, uniting with others and doing what you can where you can.

In 2014 I discovered essential oils. The immediate impact they had on my moods and emotions was remarkable! Orange was my first love and then a blend to manage my sadness. I have since used a series of blends to ‘shift stuff’. Mother Nature’s (Gaia’s) gifts are truly powerful and opened up my whole world. I am happy 🙂


This connected me to a spiritual retreat where for the first time in my life I really connected with other women. I had to. I was stuck with them for 5 days. They showed me the softer feminine way of being that I had pushed deep, deep down inside of me. I now call them my soul sistars. Misspelling intentional. I also learned on this retreat how to better nourish myself and had amazing raw food. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I do like nuts, there is just a few I don’t. I used to always tell people I am nutty enough ha ha.

I started reading and studying……and reading. One book has led me to another book. They all have majorly impacted my way of looking at events in my life. Now, I consider why people’s actions make me feel the way I do as opposed to blaming them. I have a greater understanding of who I am! I’m trying to live in the present as its far more beneficial than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. By the way, worrying about the future is a great waste of your imagination.

All that I have written in this post  and more, have brought me to where I am now. Running my own business with natural health products. It certainly doesn’t end here. I am exploring more ways I can help people through my business. There is SO much to learn about Gaia’s amazing produce and  there will be more self-development due to my business. The extraordinary people I am meeting, be them customers or not, make it worthwhile alone. Forever the student…..even when I am the teacher.

Just the way I like it.


If you woud like to know more email me at or simply comment at the bottom of this page.

❤ Deanne

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