Feared more than death

I recently read that public speaking is more feared than death!! Death is number two! In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “That means if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

Why do we fear speaking in front of a group of people as opposed to with a group of people? What is it about standing up and being noticed that is worse than sitting in a group and speaking up? I guess the answer is you are more visible and therefore more vulnerable. People might see your shaking legs or sweaty hands. All eyes are on you when you are up front speaking. There is fear of rejection.

I am often up front and talking to people as I run classes to educate people on natural ways to improve their health. I have some level of nerves every time because I care about how effective I will be and what sort of reaction I will receive. class

There are a number of ways you can address this fear:

  1. Love your nerves. Getting nervous means you care! It has actually been documented that performance can peak under moderate stress levels. In an emergency situation people know exactly what to do and do it because they are completely in the moment.
  2. Learn from watching others. I get regular emails from Ted Talks and have learned what works for them. Humour is an obvious way to keep people interested and relax you. Having tables forms a barrier that will distance you from your audience so it is not ideal.
  3. Do it raw. Any form of slideshow will take your listeners attention away from you and over to the images so avoid that if you can.
  4. Get personal. I start my classes with part of my health journey so that people relate to my honesty and understand that I am speaking from my heart and from my own experiences.confidence-blend
  5. Be yourself. People relate to you far better when you are genuine and authentic. They can see through your BS easily and won’t relate to you at all. I may be a business woman but I wear bohemian chic clothing not a business suit (and take my shoes off given the opportunity 😉 )
  6. There’s an oil for that. Aromatherapy is magic when it comes to working with your emotions. Some options for this topic are: Bergamot (self-acceptance); Cassia (self-assurance); Juniper Berry (face fears); Ginger (empowerment); Lavender (communication) and Spearmint (confident speech). Make a blend and diffuse it or rub a few drops in your hands and smell them.

If you would like to know more, or want to get your hands on the purest essential oils on the planet, then email me at healingbygaia@gmail.com or comment below

❤ Deanne


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