Dying to go….

This is a topic close to my heart because I have been there. I have been that person who no longer wanted to live. I have also been the one who found a loved one who chose to take their life. That will stay with me forever. Recently someone I know took his life leaving children behind including a two year old who adored him but will now never know him. A new family member entered the world the day he left, also.

Some people say its a selfish act. Others say how could they when they had everything going for them. Truth is they don’t think about that any of that. All they know is they want to escape the pain. It is not a normal or usual thought. The ‘Black Dog’ takes over.

Everybody has or will experience depdepressionression. Grief is a form of it. You may not be aware that you are depressed because it is all consuming.

My family and friends had no idea I suffered because I didn’t want to worry them. I kept it all inside. Hid behind alcohol. Rang helplines. I’m an introvert that behaves like an extrovert.

If you are contemplating ending your life, I urge you not too. Seek help from a doctor. Tell a friend or loved one. People really do care for you, whether you know it or not. Some strangers do! I care for everyone I meet. Message me, if you like – 0424 122 311. I am happy to help 🙂

If you are depressed there are solutions. If it is ongoing I suggest you seek medical support. If you just need lifting at this particular time I know some great essential oils and blends that you can try. Aromatherapy is exactly that! Aroma therapy.

These beautiful oil blends have been created by a team of scientists so the guess work is taken out for you. You can buy and use them individually or get the lot. I personally got the lot and worked my way through them all. Incredibly it really shifted some mindsets for me and I highly recommend them to anyone! The blends are Forgive (trees, herbs and emotional-aromatherapy_oil-lineup_smgrasses); Console (trees and floral); Peace (florals and mints); Motivate (mints and citrus); Cheer (citrus and spices) and Passion (spices, herbs and grasses). Each blend drops an ingredient and picks up another as you work along so they are designed to be used this way.

You may just be feeling angry and need to forgive someone so you just use Forgive. You may be feeling despair so you reach for Passion (love).

Sniff them from the bottle, diffuse or wear them. I tend to wear them so I can smell them throughout the day.

Let me know if you want some or if you would like to know more. Just comment below or email me at healingbygaia@gmail.com

❤ Deanne

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