It’s positively bad

Is positive thinking positive? Well that depends if your subconscious believes you. You can look in a mirror and say affirmations about yourself in the hopes to build confidence but if your subconscious doesn’t believe a word you are saying then you are in fact reinforcing the negative thoughts! Think about that for a moment…..Are you living life-

Besides, if you are trying to be happy all the time it can become particularly exhausting. Negative emotions affect our muscles in that they tense up and tighten. If you are not releasing that tension your muscles hold onto it. Venting or releasing is important. You can’t do that if you are ‘happy’ all the time.

I am often saying if you didn’t have the bad you wouldn’t appreciate the good. Another reason to not always be up. How do you know how good it is?

So let’s look at releasing tension. There are a number of ways. In the words of Taylor Swift you can “Shake it off”. Quite literally. What better way to release muscle tension. A friend of mine once told me he screams or shouts under water (he had a swimming pool) where no-one can hear. You could do the same into a pillow. Run. Take a bath. Walk it off. Get fit while you are at it then it’s even more of a positive. Exercise releases good brain chemicals.

While we are on the negative thoughts – I learned, today, about ‘amygdala hijack’. This is the process the brain goes into with fight or flight. Your normal thought processes go out the window and you do or say things you wouldn’t ordinarily say. Usually to those closest to us. When you feel strong emotions like that try counting backwards. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – and blast off,  if you want 🙂 This brings back your cognitive thought and relieves the tension and stress response from your body.

So, back to the positive. I am all for positive affirmations and thinking positively but do it in a way that your subconscious will accept. Instead of saying, “I am loved by all”, say “I have more than enough love in my heart”. Break it down to believable words and you can build up to that first affirmation.

By all means smile too. Even if you aren’t feeling it, your subconscious recognises sIf we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking- Zen proverbmiling and releases those brain chemicals so that you DO feel like smiling. This is a great case of fake-it-til-you-make-it.

Use essential oils. Citruses are great for uplifting. No one can wear their grumpy pants when Wild Orange is around 😉 Lavender is calming and relaxing. Frankincense connects you to your authenticity. Blends like Elevation, Balance, Peace, Forgive..all amazing at shifting our moods without the head and muscle aches of holding it all in.

If you would like to know more or get some of the most tested and trusted essential oils available, comment below, email me at or text me on 0424 122 311. I would love to hear from you.

❤ Deanne



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