The only way left is up

In my journey I have plummeted and I have soared and I am sure there will be a lot more of both to come.

If there are no ups and downs in your life......The reason I want to talk about this is because when we are low or when we are high we feel that is how we are always going to be. In that moment. Truth is they never last for long. Because we need the whole spectrum of emotions to learn and to grow.

My story has included a huge amount of depression. I mostly have it covered these days but it can still sneak up on me and kick me up the arse.

When it does, though, I come out having had amazing growth. ❤

I always, always, always look for reasons or lessons in these places. I ask myself why do I feel the way I do. If I am blaming someone else I ask myself why I feel that way. More often than not what we don’t like in another is something we don’t like about ourselves. People are our mirrors. The people you attract into your life are, have or will be experiencing the same thing that you are or have or will be. Your vibe attracts your tribe. So take a look around you and feel the people you are attracting. Not reach out and touch them feel them just try and sense them.

When you feel great, or you feel like you have fixed everything and the whole world can be amazing you don’t prepare yourself for the possibility – no, fact – that you won’t be there long. Something will come along and tap you on the shoulder or kick you up the butt. And why would you prepare for it when it would detract from your high. Inevitably though it will happen because this is how we learn. The roller coaster has its place.

So how do you feel right now? Right in this moment? Sad? Lost? Happy? Whatever that feeling is I want you to say, “I am feeling ….. and I love that!” Go on!

I feel stressed out and I love that!How do you feel now? It is so easy to change the way you are feeling because it is just from thoughts and thoughts can be changed just like that. Remember this technique.

I tend to forget all my tricks when I am super down. I get caught up in my misery and don’t reach for my oils or techniques. I do however reach out to friends. To people I can talk it out with. I used to ring helplines because I didn’t want to worry my friends.

The best thing you can do is prevent feeling that low by being healthy, exercising, sleeping well, using aromatherapy, taking part in a hobby, getting into nature because you have a far better chance of pulling out of it quickly. Essential oils are amazing at altering your mood in seconds!! simply by inhaling them.

Here are some of my favourites:


If you would like to know more or get your hands on these oils please email me at or comment below

❤ Deanne

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