Why a sunflower?

For my Flourish events, I opted for a sunflower as the symbol.

Why a sunflower, you ask? Well, my thoughts were that sunflowers bring brightness and joy into our lives. They stand alone steadfast and strong and these are the traits I want Flourish events to bring to people.



I decided to look more into the sunflower as a symbol and found that they are much, much more than that!

Research reveals that sunflowers represent vitality, intelligence and happiness. It is even known as the ‘happy flower’.

A sunflower is an example of long life (as it blooms for months on end).

Yellow is the colour of friendship so it also stands for adoration, admiration, plutonic love and friendship.

In some religions a sunflower means worship and faithfulness (as it follows the sun) and is associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light and truth.

Sunflower seeds are nourishment for yourself and others

The way they turn to face the sun also represents seeking positivity and strength.

I do believe I chose well. Don’t you?

If you would like to know about my Flourish events check out the tab on this website or the Flourish Facebook page.

❤ Deanne

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