Removing the shackles

When we enter this world we are pure and whole and then things happen to us that change us. They imprint on us and influence our thoughts, our processes and our actions. Quite often it is our very own parents that create this.

More often than not it is a subconscious belief that we are in freedom-2053281_960_720fact not even aware of. It is so innate that it is a part of us.

This is why I love theta healing.

I always begin my theta healing sessions with, “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” and we work from there. Most likely the work I do will end up being belief work.

Our beliefs impact every aspect of our lives. If you believe you are unworthy, guess what? You won’t get that dream job. You won’t live the lifestyle you want. You won’t attract the right partner. You won’t receive what you are truly worthy of.

There will be events in your life that trigger the belief so we deal with those. You will have emotions attached to the events so that is sorted out too. There will be emotions you may not have experienced so you are shown how to feel them. AND your belief is changed as well.body mind temple

This is all done at the theta level of your brainwaves. The same level that hypnotherapists work at but you do not need to be hypnotised. You simply sit and receive. What the subconscious believes the conscious follows. Theta healing really works!

So if you wish to be freed, let me know, and we can work together to remove those limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back!

If you would like to know more please comment below or email me at

❤ Deanne

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