Haven’t I learned enough already??

I have experienced SO many different life lessons, experiences, healings (especially honing my healing skills). Yet there is constant reminders that I am not completely there yet. In all honesty I think if I was completely there….I wouldn’t be here. We are here to learn, right?


It is funny, though, how I see my old thought patterns underlying the new. The old me is thinking, “No! Don’t say anything” or “It’s easier to just blend in” but the new me is totally forthright in the fact that I can and will be who I am and if someone has a problem with that then that someone has a problem…not me.


I guess by hearing my old thoughts I am aware of how far I have come. It is a reminder. It is far too easy to forget where you came from, to totally embrace the new you or new circumstance or new person/people in your life, when you wouldn’t be you without the previous experiences. Good or bad, they made you who you are. I happen to like who I am. I am especially loving who I am becoming and the new growth for me has come from delving into my  shadows.

You know those things that annoy you about other people are usually what we don’t like about ourselves. Some people are here to be our mirrors. You can love them for that but it is far easier to hate them…..but doesn’t that mean you are hating yourself? freedom-2053281_960_720

I am not supporting abuse, by the way. There is definite right and wrong. Just take a different viewpoint on things. Going into your shadow brings you to the light on the other side. You will release your shackles. All the things that are preventing you from moving forward are locked in your subconscious. You have control of it all!

That is what Persona Grata and Theta Healing is all about. It can change your world in one sitting.

Contact me for more information at healingbygaia@gmail.com

❤ Deanne

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