What is Gaia, anyway?

‘Gaia’ is a ‘who’ more so than a ‘what’. Gaia is Mother Nature’s name. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

When I was thinking of a business name I actually wanted Healing by Nature as my aim is to teach as many people as possible how to use natural health solutions. Unfortunately a quick Google search proved that name was already in use.

Back in my 20’s I had rMother-Earthead a series of books by Piers Anthony called the Incarnations of Immortality. I grew to fall in love with all the incarnations in their battles with their duties. Even Death and War. I remembered Nature’s name to be Gaia and here we are.

Gaia is a goddess which works well with my business name as I also focus on spirituality not just physical or mental health. Our Spirit, after all, goes on long after the rest so it is probably more important. Life events change our behaviours and this is where my Theta healing comes in. With Theta any underlying subconscious self-beliefs or blocks are removed. I also run meditation classes to help people to individually connect with Spirit.

Gaia, or Mother Nature, supplies us with so many precious gifts that grow from the very Earth we live on. For thousands of years this is what people relied upon for health, medicine and sustenance. Modern medicine has only been around for a hundred years or so. The beauty of products like essential oils is they actually raise our vibrations so we are less open to illness.

Aromatherapy  is exactly that Рaroma therapy. By inhalnatural-medicine-1426647_960_720ing essential oils they enter your limbic system and penetrate the blood brain barrier for immediate mood response. Emotions are in fact chemicals so, as you are most likely aware, you can get a very physical reaction to some moods. For example an upset stomach, a headache and high blood pressure are common physical responses. Your emotions can literally make you sick.

Gaia’s most precious gifts are essential oils. One drop of a certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil can be enough for a myriad of purposes. Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than the plant itself (herbs).

I am more than happy to teach you from what I have learned so that you can empower yourself (and your family) with better overall health.

If you would like to know more please comment below or email me at healingbygaia@gmail.com

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