Honour your needs


2018 is here and it is important to set your intentions early on so you can achieve your desires.Be fearlessin the pursuitof whatsets your soul on fire

2017 was all about uncovering layers and learning what you don’t want so you can make full use of this brilliant new year.

Kicking it off with a bang being a super moon in Cancer, manifesting powers will be huge this year so let’s get started!!

What you need to do is establish your intentions. Write them down and carry them with you. Review them all the time so they are solid in your mind and you don’t drift off course. Make sure you include your emotional and physical needs. Create goals. Set boundaries. This needs to be solid and leave no questions.

How to set your intentions:

  1. Decide what truly matters to you – 5 or more things.
  2. Explore the many areas of your life that need an upgrade – relationships; career; social life; spirituality. Use your core values to guide you in every area.
  3. Be specific and thoughtful – when do you want to achieve each of these? Why do you want these? What do you need to achieve these? What might stop you?
  4. Each month pick one of your goals to focus on and create an intention you can say as a mantra each day. For example one of mine is to only allow good people into my life so I will say – “I am surrounded by people who treat me with kindness, respect and love.” Notice that it is spoken in the present and has no room for error.
  5. Use any tools you have for reinforcements. I love my crystals and essential oils.

Honour your needs

This is your year!! So get started on the right foot 🙂

If you would like some essential oils or would like to know more in general, comment below or email me at healingbygaia@gmail.com

In service

Deanne ❤


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