You ate what??

Today I have woken up feeling like sh!t. Extremely low energy. Little interest in what I have to do today. Just wanting to rest. And I did that. I let my body have what it needed. I had been feeling joint and muscle pain the last few days. By 1.30pm I had my ‘morning’ shower in which I practiced a releasing of negativity meditation, then I aromatically dressed in the joyful essential oil blend, Elevation and I was ready to go. Almost.

What had I done to feel so bad? I had chocolate the last two days….and then it hit me! The last few WEEKS I had eaten sh!t food. Enjoyable food but sh!t food. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and my mother’s birthday had been in the last few weeks. There was decadence everywhere! Naughty foods, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, cake, nowhere near enough water….jar-3068350_1920

The reason I craved chocolate was because I was low in magnesium but the sugar in chocolate also eats up magnesium. The reason I was in pain was because of all the sugary foods causing inflammation in my body. The reason I was fatigued was because I was crashing from all the sugar and caffeine I had been ingesting and the alcohol causes dehydration. This is not what my body is used too.

I have to get back into my normal diet and I will be fine again. I also needed to ground myself. Grounding is very under-rated and scientifically proven to be effective in reducing inflammation and relieving stress and bettering sleep. So I went to the beach and took my shoes off. I feel a lot better. Well enough to tell you about it. 🙂

I love the beach so much I tried to replicate how it makes me feel in an essential oil blend. I want to share that with you so here it is. Refreshing Beach spritzerThese oils are energizing yet grounding and all together smell AMAZING!

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