How long will you live?

Thought-provoking question, isn’t it. Because we usually don’t know. Health-wise, however, we kinda do know. It all depends on how long your telomeres are.

shortening_telomeresTelomeres are like the tips on shoe laces but for your chromosomes. They protect the ends from fraying and damage. The chromosomes are within the nucleus of our cells. We replace approximately our body weight in cells every year. As we do the cells become like photocopies in the sense that they aren’t as good as the original. Our cells weaken every time they renew themselves and with each reproduction our telomeres shorten. Once the telomere is gone cell division stops.

Many factors affect our telomeres lengths. Some people’s are naturally already shorter. Lifestyle factors strongly affect the length. Habits like smoking, over-eating, lack of exercise, stress, pollution, and more shorten your telomeres’ lengths.

Shorter telomeres also raise your risk of cancer producing cells and risk of disease.

Your lifestyle really could be killing you.

lifeThe upside is you can change your habits and slow the shortening of your telomeres down. Eat high fibre foods. Load up on anti-oxidants. Have a lean/low protein (adding soy) diet. Exercise often. All of these factors will reduce the rate of telomere shortening, risk of disease and pace of aging.

Another way to support your cells is with essential oils. Frankincense in particular, which is one of the many ingredients in DDR Prime capsules. This is a blend of essential oils designed to assist in and to support healthy cell biogenesis, function, and renewal.

I take mine every day and find I even have more energy from it.

If you would like to know more please comment below. If you would like to buy some DDR Prime click here or contact me at

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