How tough are you?

Is this you? You can handle it though, right. Me too.overworkedI am tough! Life taught me to be. I can handle ANYTHING!!

When I was suicidal I resorted to helplines. I didn’t want to upset my friends and family so no-one even knew. Outwardly, I was fine. When I spoke to a doctor, no-one knew but the doctor and I. When I finally went on antidepressants no-one knew except my chemist and I. When I went to an essential oils class looking for natural solutions no-one knew why. I was going to do this on my own! But I wasn’t. I had help from the counsellor on the phone, the doctor and the woman presenting the oils class. I WAS looking for help and I am so glad I did!

When I was working full-time and building my business I believed I could handle it. I am a machine!! I was driving 12 hour shifts for work with an hours travel to and from and then jumping in my car and driving to places, some long distances, to expand my business. And I did it! I have customers all over Western Australia and in the eastern states and even other places in the world. But it was burning me out. So I employed a personal assistant for a couple of hours a week. I got help.

When I wanted to identify who I am I went to learn. When I wanted to believe in my psychic intuition I went to classes to develop it. When I realised I had blocks preventing me from moving forward I had them released. When I realised the power of all these, I incorporated them into my skillset to help others.

Christmas Eve, I had to send my companion, Oscar (my dog), over the rainbow bridge. Immediately after that a close friend tried to suicide. Immediately after that my father was diagnosed with inoperable, malignant cancer. He lives the other side of the country. I called on all my strength. I reached out to all my healer connections and asked that they help my dad. And you know what I discovered?? My healing community is huge! My healing community not only tried to help my dad but some even included me in their support by sending me love in this tough time.


I was completely taken by surprise once I realised what can happen when you reach out for help. Because I am still tough. I still have trouble asking for help. But help is always there. You just have to ask.

I know you are probably saying you don’t have an entire healing community to ask but that’s what it took for me to realise the support that is out there. I am sharing that with you. You can ask me for help. That is what I have dedicated my life too. If I can’t help I most likely know someone who can. All you have to do, is ask……..

If you would like my support, or more information, please comment below or email me at

In service

Deanne ❤

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