What about the men?

We are in exciting times! There is a global shift into the feminine. After centuries of men ruling women, having more rights than women, being paid more than women, the idea of a macho man is now fading, and the younger generation of men are showing that by expressing their emotions. Even hugging each other.

But where does that leave the older generation men? Are they now wondering where do they fit in? Women are declaring they don’t need men anymore and these guys have grown up with the idea that their place in the world is to provide for and protect their partners and family. So what do they do now?


Having grown up in that world myself (male friends, male-dominated work industries), it has taken me a long-time to become more feminine, want to wear dresses and show my vulnerability. It is actually innate in me though as I am, in fact, a woman. I was shopping with my friend the other day for her mother-of-the-bride dress and one (chain boutique) sales person declared that said chain “….doesn’t do dresses.” I found that remarkable!

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am all for women (and men) wearing what they want, having positions of power and whatever else they desire, but there does need to be balance. The swing towards the feminine should swing back and land us in the middle.

So, our masculine men might need to know where there place is now. We (women) are blazing trails and know what we want and a lot of men are left wondering what they should do. Wondering what is their worth. Where is their place in the world. I feel we should consider their feelings the same way we expect them to consider ours. Who are they if they aren’t our heroes riding us into the sunset?


Just a thought.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, we are coming into exciting times and I am very glad to be a part of it. I think the feminine shift will bring in more love and nurturing which the planet as a whole needs. We just need to be mindful that we keep everything in balance.

In service

Deanne ❤

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