Finding the light

For the last few years I have been ‘fast-tracking’. That is what a friend of mine aptly named it. He was ‘ahead’ of me in spiritual growth due to years of experience or practice, as many in my field are…..I mean were.


The last few years have shaken me to my core over and over again. By visions. By realisations. By answers I didn’t expect! By dealing with life traumas I thought I had dealt with. I have been bed-ridden by some of this stuff. Seriously!! I have been exhausted for days and even hospitalised at one point when my body said enough!

I am not saying this for pity and I am certainly not saying this to brag. I just need to write about it.

I had been told by a few that I am learning so fast. And by others how I am learning without needing to research. But damn I hurt! I was understanding what was happening and accepting of it but didn’t know why! Why???

Now I know why. Now that it has ended. The fast-tracking that is. I am eternally learning as we hopefully all are.

I needed to experience all the trauma I did first, to understand people’s situations. I then needed to catch up spiritually, to realise my soul’s purpose.

My soul’s purpose is to guide you. To be the voice of understanding and gently show you the way. At your pace. When you are ready. To help you realise who you are. Fulfil your destiny.


Sometimes you have to go into the dark to see the light.  But I am here for you.

Are you ready?

In service

Deanne ❤

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