Are we there yet?

Goal setting. Write it down. Make a vision board. Say affirmations. Visualise your goal. Feel your goal. All very good advice. Until the date you wanted to achieve your goal rolls around and you haven’t made it.


When you put so much focus into the end result, you can sometimes miss out the steps in between. David Bowie’s manager told him if you want to be a rock star, you have to ACT like a rock star. So Bowie arrived to events in limos, as an example. I am not suggesting you should spend all your money doing it but are you living your goal?

The vital part of a goal is your behaviour on the way. You kind of have to decide what your goal is and then focus on your actions. What will it take to get there and then put your everything into the steps you need to take.

Manifesting is a fantastic ability but even if you are good at that, some things you have to work towards. Not everything will fall in your lap.

So what is your goal? What steps do you need to take to achieve that? If you want to meet your soul mate, are you putting yourself out there? If you want to be rich, do you have a plan to earn a lot of money? If you want good health, are you eating right, exercising, meditating? Put all your energy into the journey, not the result, because the journey is actually the best part.


Celebrate the smaller achievements you make along the way. Whenever you have feeling of satisfaction you are promoting satisfaction to the Universe and the Universe will provide more things to feel satisfied about. This is what happens when people are “on a roll”. Their positive energy is attracting more positive energy.

Enjoy the achieving of your goal and you will appreciate it for all the effort you put in. You have earned it and deserve it.

And then you will have a new goal. 😉

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In service

Deanne ❤

Creating Space for Dreams

We don’t think too much about the really basic parts of our lives, do we?
Life is too busy to sweat the small stuff so we focus on the bigger things. But without the ground level supporting us, everything comes crashing down, right?
If you want a good base it needs to be clear and open.
Is your house cluttered?
Have you got too much old stuff that is keeping you back in that time or previous life?
What are you hanging on to that is preventing you from moving forward?
A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in twelve months then you are probably not going to.
If it is packed away in a cupboard or shed you probably forget that it is even there.
It is nice to hold memorabilia and trinkets to remind you of the past or people but are those memories keeping you as your old you or holding you back in the past?
I suggest you find the time to go through every cupboard or storage location in your home and donate:
*what you haven’t used for a year or more,
*what you forgot about that you will just pack away again,
*what makes you feel sad,
*what you can’t wear or use anymore,
and free yourself from all the extra baggage because, energetically, that is what it is!
You need to clear the old to make way for the new, right?!
Once you have cleared all the old energy, then focus on the new. What do you want to bring into your life now?
Write it down.
Read it aloud to affirm it.
Now you have made space for your dreams to come in.
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Life is like an onion…

Your life is like an onion, or the layers in the trunk of a tree. When you are three and you get upset you want to be consoled by your mother. When you get older and stronger you deal with sh!t yourself but, underneath it all is still the three year old who wants to be consoled by your mother. We all have moments of weakness.

Life, like an onion has layers that bring you tears but there are tears of sadness and tears of joy

The other layers are the conditioned ones. Where as we grow up we develop learned behaviour. When you are a toddler and you tread in dog sh!t, you don’t know that it smells bad until all the adults around you respond that way. And so it goes on. As a teenager you learn what behaviours your peers like and don’t like. As we get older we are influenced by what is acceptable in our work place, what is considered acceptable by the media, what is considered acceptable socially……notice how I said “considered”??

Most of it is not “considered” at all. It is echoed. The previous generation, or how-it-has-always-been-done, is enforced upon us. The factory mass-production that is our schools and every other environment we are in. We are moulded by our parents beliefs, by our schooling, by our peers, by our work places and by the media to the point that we lose ourselves.

I believed that I was being myself. And I was to an extent. I rebelled against the ‘norm’. Truth is there is no escaping losing ourselves. There is only peeling back the layers and finding yourself again, which is an often painful experience because you have to face the shadow self; you need to revisit the places that changed you. But the other choice is staying lost. Not being true to yourself. Not being you.

My passion, after uncovering MYself, is to help you do the same. I know we all have a gift to give to the world and I want to help you GIVE that. You are uniquely you. In all the billions of people who have existed and the billions more to come, no-one will EVER be the same as you! Do you realise how amazing that is? You are as unique as your finger prints and you have something to share with this amazing planet we live on, no matter how small you think it is.

I think the best thing you can give to the world is just being you. Because that is all we are meant to be. And by you being you, you are leading by example so that others can be themselves



I can help you reveal your true self in many ways so please contact me if you are called to –

Namaste (the light in me recognises the light in you)

Deanne ❤

Finding the light — Flourish with Deanne

For the last few years I have been ‘fast-tracking’. That is what a friend of mine aptly named it. He was ‘ahead’ of me in spiritual growth due to years of experience or practice, as many in my field are…..I mean were. The last few years have shaken me to my core over and over […]

via Finding the light — Flourish with Deanne

Finding the light

For the last few years I have been ‘fast-tracking’. That is what a friend of mine aptly named it. He was ‘ahead’ of me in spiritual growth due to years of experience or practice, as many in my field are…..I mean were.


The last few years have shaken me to my core over and over again. By visions. By realisations. By answers I didn’t expect! By dealing with life traumas I thought I had dealt with. I have been bed-ridden by some of this stuff. Seriously!! I have been exhausted for days and even hospitalised at one point when my body said enough!

I am not saying this for pity and I am certainly not saying this to brag. I just need to write about it.

I had been told by a few that I am learning so fast. And by others how I am learning without needing to research. But damn I hurt! I was understanding what was happening and accepting of it but didn’t know why! Why???

Now I know why. Now that it has ended. The fast-tracking that is. I am eternally learning as we hopefully all are.

I needed to experience all the trauma I did first, to understand people’s situations. I then needed to catch up spiritually, to realise my soul’s purpose.

My soul’s purpose is to guide you. To be the voice of understanding and gently show you the way. At your pace. When you are ready. To help you realise who you are. Fulfil your destiny.


Sometimes you have to go into the dark to see the light.  But I am here for you.

Are you ready?

In service

Deanne ❤

What about the men?

We are in exciting times! There is a global shift into the feminine. After centuries of men ruling women, having more rights than women, being paid more than women, the idea of a macho man is now fading, and the younger generation of men are showing that by expressing their emotions. Even hugging each other.

But where does that leave the older generation men? Are they now wondering where do they fit in? Women are declaring they don’t need men anymore and these guys have grown up with the idea that their place in the world is to provide for and protect their partners and family. So what do they do now?


Having grown up in that world myself (male friends, male-dominated work industries), it has taken me a long-time to become more feminine, want to wear dresses and show my vulnerability. It is actually innate in me though as I am, in fact, a woman. I was shopping with my friend the other day for her mother-of-the-bride dress and one (chain boutique) sales person declared that said chain “….doesn’t do dresses.” I found that remarkable!

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am all for women (and men) wearing what they want, having positions of power and whatever else they desire, but there does need to be balance. The swing towards the feminine should swing back and land us in the middle.

So, our masculine men might need to know where there place is now. We (women) are blazing trails and know what we want and a lot of men are left wondering what they should do. Wondering what is their worth. Where is their place in the world. I feel we should consider their feelings the same way we expect them to consider ours. Who are they if they aren’t our heroes riding us into the sunset?


Just a thought.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, we are coming into exciting times and I am very glad to be a part of it. I think the feminine shift will bring in more love and nurturing which the planet as a whole needs. We just need to be mindful that we keep everything in balance.

In service

Deanne ❤

Why are you here?

The eternal question, right? What is your reason for being? What is your ‘why’? Why do you do what you do? Is it the right thing for you? What do you want to be when you ‘grow up’?contemplating

Last year I was gifted a beautiful gratitude journal. I loved it so much I bought myself a copy of this year’s (2018). I love many things about this version – the design; astrological updates; space for year, monthly and weekly goals; and the occasional writing exercises.

March is a HUGE month for doors opening for us. Numerologically it is a 5 which is all about Freedom. My Life Path number is 5 so I am very aware of the power of this. My Gratitude Journal challenged to write a mission statement for the beginning of this month. A mission statement serves as an intention and an affirmation. I have never written one before so I was intrigued. I loved the process and result so much I wanted to share it with you so here it is!

(Questions taken from 2018 Gratitude Diary )

Grab your journal or a notebook and answer these questions with an open heart and honesty.

  1. What disturbs me most about living on this planet right now? What is my biggest trigger?
  2. How do I really feel about this? Take 5 minutes to just sit with the feelings that have been activated.
  3. What’s under this feeling? Go deeper.
  4. What needs to happen in order for this issue to be resolved? Inside me?
  5. In the world?
  6. If I were a god what would I do to change this?
  7. What needs to be let go in order for me to become aligned with myself?
  8. Now distill your answers above into one sentence and there you will have your mission statement.

This is your passion! This is why you are here! This image is why I am here 🙂

Mission statement

Now in whatever capacity it is that you are able to fulfil your mission statement, go and do that! If you have any reason to doubt yourself, remember it is why you are here! And if you still have resistance, read my mission statement and ask for my guidance 🙂

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In service

Deanne ❤


How tough are you?

Is this you? You can handle it though, right. Me too.overworkedI am tough! Life taught me to be. I can handle ANYTHING!!

When I was suicidal I resorted to helplines. I didn’t want to upset my friends and family so no-one even knew. Outwardly, I was fine. When I spoke to a doctor, no-one knew but the doctor and I. When I finally went on antidepressants no-one knew except my chemist and I. When I went to an essential oils class looking for natural solutions no-one knew why. I was going to do this on my own! But I wasn’t. I had help from the counsellor on the phone, the doctor and the woman presenting the oils class. I WAS looking for help and I am so glad I did!

When I was working full-time and building my business I believed I could handle it. I am a machine!! I was driving 12 hour shifts for work with an hours travel to and from and then jumping in my car and driving to places, some long distances, to expand my business. And I did it! I have customers all over Western Australia and in the eastern states and even other places in the world. But it was burning me out. So I employed a personal assistant for a couple of hours a week. I got help.

When I wanted to identify who I am I went to learn. When I wanted to believe in my psychic intuition I went to classes to develop it. When I realised I had blocks preventing me from moving forward I had them released. When I realised the power of all these, I incorporated them into my skillset to help others.

Christmas Eve, I had to send my companion, Oscar (my dog), over the rainbow bridge. Immediately after that a close friend tried to suicide. Immediately after that my father was diagnosed with inoperable, malignant cancer. He lives the other side of the country. I called on all my strength. I reached out to all my healer connections and asked that they help my dad. And you know what I discovered?? My healing community is huge! My healing community not only tried to help my dad but some even included me in their support by sending me love in this tough time.


I was completely taken by surprise once I realised what can happen when you reach out for help. Because I am still tough. I still have trouble asking for help. But help is always there. You just have to ask.

I know you are probably saying you don’t have an entire healing community to ask but that’s what it took for me to realise the support that is out there. I am sharing that with you. You can ask me for help. That is what I have dedicated my life too. If I can’t help I most likely know someone who can. All you have to do, is ask……..

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In service

Deanne ❤

How long will you live?

Thought-provoking question, isn’t it. Because we usually don’t know. Health-wise, however, we kinda do know. It all depends on how long your telomeres are.

shortening_telomeresTelomeres are like the tips on shoe laces but for your chromosomes. They protect the ends from fraying and damage. The chromosomes are within the nucleus of our cells. We replace approximately our body weight in cells every year. As we do the cells become like photocopies in the sense that they aren’t as good as the original. Our cells weaken every time they renew themselves and with each reproduction our telomeres shorten. Once the telomere is gone cell division stops.

Many factors affect our telomeres lengths. Some people’s are naturally already shorter. Lifestyle factors strongly affect the length. Habits like smoking, over-eating, lack of exercise, stress, pollution, and more shorten your telomeres’ lengths.

Shorter telomeres also raise your risk of cancer producing cells and risk of disease.

Your lifestyle really could be killing you.

lifeThe upside is you can change your habits and slow the shortening of your telomeres down. Eat high fibre foods. Load up on anti-oxidants. Have a lean/low protein (adding soy) diet. Exercise often. All of these factors will reduce the rate of telomere shortening, risk of disease and pace of aging.

Another way to support your cells is with essential oils. Frankincense in particular, which is one of the many ingredients in DDR Prime capsules. This is a blend of essential oils designed to assist in and to support healthy cell biogenesis, function, and renewal.

I take mine every day and find I even have more energy from it.

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You will never see this again!

150 years ago was the last Super Blue Blood moon eclipse. There are people who have never experienced this!!  So, what is a Super Blue Blood moon eclipse??


Firstly, a lunar eclipse is when the sun, Earth and moon are all lined up with the Earth in the middle. The Earth blocks the sun’s light from reflecting off the moon. A blood moon is a slight red colour caused by the lunar eclipse. A Super moon is a lot closer to the Earth therefore appearing much larger. A Blue moon is the second full moon in the same month which is an irregluar occurrence hence the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’.

These are all happening on January 31st, 2018. I am in Perth, Western Australia so for me the full moon will rise at 7.10pm and peak at 9.27pm. The lunar eclipse will be maximum at 9.31pm.

Energetically, this event is being described as a “gateway to epic transformation”. Astrologically, the full moon is in Leo. This means we will be stepping into the roles of King or Queen of our castle. If we are ready. The moon brings in a strong feminine energy so it will be a very intuitive time. You can prepare yourself.

  1. Clear yourself for future abundance. Let go of whatever is holding you back and believe in yourself, then act.
  2. Acknowledge and cherish your emotions without judgement. Before, during and after the eclipse, emotions will run very high so recognise your feelings and just sit with them or retreat for the duration.
  3. Understand that the world needs you. How can you make a difference in the lives of others? What are you destined to do with your life?


There were a couple of eclipses last year that are tied to this lunar event. Whatever was going on for you with the solar eclipse August 21, 2017 is going to be cleared and wrapped up with this lunar eclipse. Eclipses are turning points. They are all about picking you up and shaking you so you change direction.

Harness the strong energetic push. Look where you can make positive changes. Bring in your confidence to be who you are and chase your dream!!

If you are in Perth, I am guiding a meditation on the beach as the full moon rises. You can find out more here. 

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You ate what??

Today I have woken up feeling like sh!t. Extremely low energy. Little interest in what I have to do today. Just wanting to rest. And I did that. I let my body have what it needed. I had been feeling joint and muscle pain the last few days. By 1.30pm I had my ‘morning’ shower in which I practiced a releasing of negativity meditation, then I aromatically dressed in the joyful essential oil blend, Elevation and I was ready to go. Almost.

What had I done to feel so bad? I had chocolate the last two days….and then it hit me! The last few WEEKS I had eaten sh!t food. Enjoyable food but sh!t food. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and my mother’s birthday had been in the last few weeks. There was decadence everywhere! Naughty foods, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, cake, nowhere near enough water….jar-3068350_1920

The reason I craved chocolate was because I was low in magnesium but the sugar in chocolate also eats up magnesium. The reason I was in pain was because of all the sugary foods causing inflammation in my body. The reason I was fatigued was because I was crashing from all the sugar and caffeine I had been ingesting and the alcohol causes dehydration. This is not what my body is used too.

I have to get back into my normal diet and I will be fine again. I also needed to ground myself. Grounding is very under-rated and scientifically proven to be effective in reducing inflammation and relieving stress and bettering sleep. So I went to the beach and took my shoes off. I feel a lot better. Well enough to tell you about it. 🙂

I love the beach so much I tried to replicate how it makes me feel in an essential oil blend. I want to share that with you so here it is. Refreshing Beach spritzerThese oils are energizing yet grounding and all together smell AMAZING!

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Honour your needs


2018 is here and it is important to set your intentions early on so you can achieve your desires.Be fearlessin the pursuitof whatsets your soul on fire

2017 was all about uncovering layers and learning what you don’t want so you can make full use of this brilliant new year.

Kicking it off with a bang being a super moon in Cancer, manifesting powers will be huge this year so let’s get started!!

What you need to do is establish your intentions. Write them down and carry them with you. Review them all the time so they are solid in your mind and you don’t drift off course. Make sure you include your emotional and physical needs. Create goals. Set boundaries. This needs to be solid and leave no questions.

How to set your intentions:

  1. Decide what truly matters to you – 5 or more things.
  2. Explore the many areas of your life that need an upgrade – relationships; career; social life; spirituality. Use your core values to guide you in every area.
  3. Be specific and thoughtful – when do you want to achieve each of these? Why do you want these? What do you need to achieve these? What might stop you?
  4. Each month pick one of your goals to focus on and create an intention you can say as a mantra each day. For example one of mine is to only allow good people into my life so I will say – “I am surrounded by people who treat me with kindness, respect and love.” Notice that it is spoken in the present and has no room for error.
  5. Use any tools you have for reinforcements. I love my crystals and essential oils.

Honour your needs

This is your year!! So get started on the right foot 🙂

If you would like some essential oils or would like to know more in general, comment below or email me at

In service

Deanne ❤