Getting stuck!

Have you ever felt like you were doing everything in your power but nothing is working?? Or is there a fear you have stopping you??

I hope you said “yes” because we all do and the first step is recognising that.Is something pulling you back_ noarrowThrough my journey of rediscovering myself I have learned A LOT and a big part of that is how your childhood or upbringing shapes you. A negative experience you had that you may have worked through or blocked can still have a massive influence because it still lies in your subconscious. These moments in time can create limiting beliefs that keep you fearful or prevent you from moving forward. You may not even know they are there.

If you have a limiting belief that money is bad then you will forever be pushing money away energetically with your actions. You may very well be working hard towards your goal; thinking positive; doing all those things that we read about and STILL not be successful because deep down inside you believe money is bad.

A lot of us have the belief that we are unworthy so we end up in dead-end jobs, or unhappy relationships, or always treated badly, or always sick. This is because we subconsciously don’t believe we deserve the very best in life. Which of course we do. And, again, you could be doing all the affirmations and all the meditations but it won’t help because deep down you don’t believe you deserve anything good.

Thinking positively can actually be detrimental if you have a limiting belief because your subconscious will strongly object to what you are affirming.

So, what do I do then? I hear you ask.

You need to find out what your limiting belief is and work on that!! The best way to uncover your limiting belief is by beginning with the question, “What do I want?”. Then ask yourself “What is the worst thing that could happen if I get that?”. And don’t be telling yourself ‘nothing’ because there is obviously something! Eg: “I want to be rich.” ” If I am rich my friends won’t like me anymore.” Continually ask yourself “What is the worst thing about that?” Until there are no more answers. This is most likely the bottom belief you need to work on.


There are a few ways you can work on your bottom belief. The fastest is one session of Theta healing. In a session with me, I help uncover your bottom belief in a simple chat with you. With your verbal consent I perform the healing to release your limiting belief and anything else that may have come up. The results are instant and you should feel lighter after a session.

Another way is with essential oils. I have created an aromatherapy spray that I give to clients as part of their session to reinforce the work that has been done. If a theta healing isn’t appealing to you, however, we can work together on what oils will assist you with your particular block.

Free yourself to the abundance and joy that is available to you. I know it has helped me.

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My gateway drug….

When I was younger I was a quiet, studious child who always got high grades. Into my teens, however, I felt the weight of responsibility and lack of guidance so heavily that I went into self-destruct mode. How does an A student choose not to continue school? Next I was, what they now call, date-raped at 15. Drunk and too scared to speak out, this was my first sexual encounter. From there I just got worse. I became promiscuous because I believed that was all that men wanted. I drank…..heavily. alcoholism-2847439_1920Hanging out with boys much older than me allowed me to purchase alcohol in liquor stores myself as the shop keepers recognised me and thought I was older. I then dabbled in cannabis and on a few occasions took ‘trips’ or acid.

By the time I was eighteen I was a mother. I cleaned up completely during my pregnancy and I now have a healthy, kind man for a son. We are especially close because we grew up together. I still tended to binge drink the following years. Fast forward to my forties and I was taking anti-depressants which I hated so I looked for a healthier option. In walks doTERRA. These certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils changed my life. THEY are what I coin ‘my gateway drug’! These oils opened up my world to a healthier way of living. I began to nurture myself because in using them I also gained that benefit. When I use the oils for pain I am also receiving the emotional and spiritual benefit. When using them for my emotions I am also supporting my body and raising my vibration so I am less inclined to get sick.

From my essential oil use came an invite to a spiritual retreat which opened my eyes even more to raw food and meditation. Doors started to open everywhere! I have so many new and wonderful people in my life I am eternally grateful. (I still have a handful of friends from my younger years that I cherish.) The more people I met the more I learned and now here I am, writing to you, as a theta healer who has developed her psychic intuition, practises aromatouch technique and is very knowledgeable in essential oil use!! If you had told me this would be the case four years ago I would have burst out laughing at you. Seriously. girl-2940655_1920Four years ago in February is when I discovered doTERRA. Previously I thought oils were just stuff you put in oil burners (which with some essential oils is all they are good for). Now I am helping others find their way and I love it SO much. The joy in assisting people is inexplicable and the feedback I receive is the fuel to keep me going. Thank you to those of you who have opened doors for me. Thank you to the people whose lives have been shared with me. Thank you to the people I have yet to meet. I am humbled by the opportunity.

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How is your Inner Child?

We carry all our ages with us like layers of an onion or rings in a tree, did you know that?

All our life experiences at certain ages are still there and come out of us again when we feel weak or motherandcgildthreatened. Especially if that moment relates to the feelings felt back when we were 5 or 10 or 15.

In my journey I have ‘dealt with’ many of these traumatic moments but there are layers even to them! so they still come out occasionally.

If we can be conscious of these moments and catch ourselves out then we can move forward with this knowledge and react in a manner that is beneficial for all involved. This is all part of our learning journey and returning to our natural selves.

For example when I was 14 I felt unsupported by my parents and chose to drop out of school because I had no guidance as to what to do next. I had no idea what I wanted to select for my year 11 subjects as I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be. This lead to a path of self-destruction because I realised I had to look after me – which I will talk about in another blog.

I recently felt unloved, unsupported and had no idea what to do next so my 14 year old returned. I became argumentative, felt unworthy and reacted very defensively – until it was pointed out to me. You see I hadn’t recognised that at 14 my decision was so catastrophic. I had looked back at my traumatic experiences when trying to deal with my child but not my 14 year old.

Katie Eden Todd was my support at this time and showed me what was going on. She advised me to picture my adult self with my 14 year old self and to embrace the younger me. Show her love. Show her that I am here now to make the tough decisions. That I will always be here for her.

What a transformation! I have self-respect coming back to me that I hadn’t realised I lost. I am clearer now on where I want to direct my life. We must all hug our child when we feel him or her arising and assure them that we are here and they are loved. father-and-son-2258681_1920

Katie created Persona Grata which teaches you to identify who you innately are so that you will recognise when you are in child and when you are in adult. Persona Grata also assists you in understanding when people around you are in child or adult; what triggers you in them; what triggers them in you and more. Such a wonderful, amazing tool to have in your box of tricks.

Together we have created Person Grata Magic!! These are aromatherapy sprays to help keep you in adult. You can define who you are by completing the questionnaire and figuring out which is your highest scoring bird and your lowest scoring animal. Then you can choose which Magic sprays you require. They really do work!

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What is Gaia, anyway?

‘Gaia’ is a ‘who’ more so than a ‘what’. Gaia is Mother Nature’s name. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

When I was thinking of a business name I actually wanted Healing by Nature as my aim is to teach as many people as possible how to use natural health solutions. Unfortunately a quick Google search proved that name was already in use.

Back in my 20’s I had rMother-Earthead a series of books by Piers Anthony called the Incarnations of Immortality. I grew to fall in love with all the incarnations in their battles with their duties. Even Death and War. I remembered Nature’s name to be Gaia and here we are.

Gaia is a goddess which works well with my business name as I also focus on spirituality not just physical or mental health. Our Spirit, after all, goes on long after the rest so it is probably more important. Life events change our behaviours and this is where my Theta healing comes in. With Theta any underlying subconscious self-beliefs or blocks are removed. I also run meditation classes to help people to individually connect with Spirit.

Gaia, or Mother Nature, supplies us with so many precious gifts that grow from the very Earth we live on. For thousands of years this is what people relied upon for health, medicine and sustenance. Modern medicine has only been around for a hundred years or so. The beauty of products like essential oils is they actually raise our vibrations so we are less open to illness.

Aromatherapy  is exactly that – aroma therapy. By inhalnatural-medicine-1426647_960_720ing essential oils they enter your limbic system and penetrate the blood brain barrier for immediate mood response. Emotions are in fact chemicals so, as you are most likely aware, you can get a very physical reaction to some moods. For example an upset stomach, a headache and high blood pressure are common physical responses. Your emotions can literally make you sick.

Gaia’s most precious gifts are essential oils. One drop of a certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil can be enough for a myriad of purposes. Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than the plant itself (herbs).

I am more than happy to teach you from what I have learned so that you can empower yourself (and your family) with better overall health.

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Escaping the rat race

When did we become so disconnected? So caught up in fear and time pressure and ego? There is so much focus on self and achievements that are materialistic and little to do with connection and love. And how the media plays on our egos and thoughts of lack!

Our brain iMeditations wired to see the negative in everything because that is how we can protect ourselves from it. The media know this and use it to get your attention. That is why there is never good news! We then run off fear and not love.


For the last three years or so I have stopped looking outward and have been learning to look inward. That is really where all the answers are. Inside of you.

When you steer yourself away from all the external influences and look at how you perceive things your eyes are opened. For instance, what you dislike in others is usually something you dislike about yourself. If something that has been said upsets you, ask yourself why? Don’t act out, look in.

Meditation stills our minds. I don’t know about you, but mine can be downright chaotic! I actually learned that slowing down gives you time. Weird, right? but true. When you slow down your thoughts are clearer and you don’t spend half your time racing around in circles. When your thoughts are clearer you are able to manage your time better. When you manage your time better you prioritise and don’t waste time on insignificant things.

Taking the time to meditate connects you to your soul/higher self/spirit. You are more aware of what is really meaningful and that too gives you more time. You may think you don’t have time to meditate but really you can’t afford not too. It gives you time because you don’t worry about things that don’t matter. And because it slows you down.

Meditation is very beneficial to your physical and mental health. It lowers your blood pressure, teaches you to breathe better, calms you and relaxes you.

Most importantly, it keeps you connected to your authentic self. The more you meditate the more you will see that life is actually pretty good and you will feel better in touch with your fellow man. Not to mention Spirit.meditation-1384758_960_720

Essential oils raise our vibration and can support you in meditation. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, Myrrh, and all of the Firs are great at helping connect us to spirit and our authentic selves. Any one of the yoga blends – Align, Anchor and Arise are beneficial also. I often use Balance blend after meditating to ground me again

I run meditation classes if that is something you are interested in and have a short guided meditation on my youtube channel.

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Haven’t I learned enough already??

I have experienced SO many different life lessons, experiences, healings (especially honing my healing skills). Yet there is constant reminders that I am not completely there yet. In all honesty I think if I was completely there….I wouldn’t be here. We are here to learn, right?


It is funny, though, how I see my old thought patterns underlying the new. The old me is thinking, “No! Don’t say anything” or “It’s easier to just blend in” but the new me is totally forthright in the fact that I can and will be who I am and if someone has a problem with that then that someone has a problem…not me.


I guess by hearing my old thoughts I am aware of how far I have come. It is a reminder. It is far too easy to forget where you came from, to totally embrace the new you or new circumstance or new person/people in your life, when you wouldn’t be you without the previous experiences. Good or bad, they made you who you are. I happen to like who I am. I am especially loving who I am becoming and the new growth for me has come from delving into my  shadows.

You know those things that annoy you about other people are usually what we don’t like about ourselves. Some people are here to be our mirrors. You can love them for that but it is far easier to hate them…..but doesn’t that mean you are hating yourself? freedom-2053281_960_720

I am not supporting abuse, by the way. There is definite right and wrong. Just take a different viewpoint on things. Going into your shadow brings you to the light on the other side. You will release your shackles. All the things that are preventing you from moving forward are locked in your subconscious. You have control of it all!

That is what Persona Grata and Theta Healing is all about. It can change your world in one sitting.

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Removing the shackles

When we enter this world we are pure and whole and then things happen to us that change us. They imprint on us and influence our thoughts, our processes and our actions. Quite often it is our very own parents that create this.

More often than not it is a subconscious belief that we are in freedom-2053281_960_720fact not even aware of. It is so innate that it is a part of us.

This is why I love theta healing.

I always begin my theta healing sessions with, “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” and we work from there. Most likely the work I do will end up being belief work.

Our beliefs impact every aspect of our lives. If you believe you are unworthy, guess what? You won’t get that dream job. You won’t live the lifestyle you want. You won’t attract the right partner. You won’t receive what you are truly worthy of.

There will be events in your life that trigger the belief so we deal with those. You will have emotions attached to the events so that is sorted out too. There will be emotions you may not have experienced so you are shown how to feel them. AND your belief is changed as well.body mind temple

This is all done at the theta level of your brainwaves. The same level that hypnotherapists work at but you do not need to be hypnotised. You simply sit and receive. What the subconscious believes the conscious follows. Theta healing really works!

So if you wish to be freed, let me know, and we can work together to remove those limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back!

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❤ Deanne